Why It’s So Important to Get Workplace Design Done Right

As a small or medium-sized business owner, there are lots of things you need to think about on a daily basis. The chances are that your workplace design isn’t one of those that comes into your mind first thing in the morning, but it should! The truth is that a well-designed office or workplace can transform a business, not only in its appearance but performance, too…

Millennials value a good office space

Back in the 90s, experts warned that organisations would face a “war” on finding top talent in the decades ahead and that they needed to appeal to millennials to increase their chances of finding their next hire. Millennials will represent 75% of the workforce by 2025, and so you need to listen to them when designing your office space. Today, millennials value space and collaboration, and ergonomics has never been more important. So when you’re buying your next office chairs, ensure they’re involved in the process; comfort is the key to productivity.

Office spaces can aid in recruitment

A good office will communicate your brand and your culture, and encourage employees to work hard. They’re also a tool for recruitment in themselves: why do you think so many people want to work for Google!? Salary forms only part of what people look for in a job nowadays – so work with a company that offers facilities management services who can help you design a space that feels great. According to a study from Staples, a fifth of workers say they’d take a pay cut to work in a nicer office environment, and 81% of applicants say they’ll reject a job offer if they didn’t like the look of the workplace. Design matters; don’t overlook it.

Stand out from the crowd

Whether you’re struggling to attract press attention, new clients, or hires, having an attractive and stand-out office space will ensure you’re considered above competitors. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of pounds – strategic planning and a new colour scheme is often all it takes to get things going. If you really want to make a statement, you could introduce a unique piece of artwork or an installation like a gigantic fish tank into your reception. It’s all about understanding your company’s personality and reflecting it with good interior design

Make your employees work harder

When companies make the investment in an improved workspace, employees feel more valued and respected as a result. But the truth is that workplace redesign is there for one simple purpose: to boost productivity and engagement at work. Sure, you need to spend a bit of money to get started, but once you have, your employees will pay you back in terms of increased performance and brand loyalty. It’s the ultimate way to reduce turnover and drive more out of a team. Make them part of the renovation process to boost morale even further.

When did you last review the design of your workplace? Let us know and check back soon.