More Information on What is Company Registration in India

India has been growing tremendously as an economy in recent days, and it is no wonder that investors from all around the world are seeing the country as a potential investment hub. For this article, we talked with 3E Accounting India, a firm providing India company incorporation services have regarding registering company in India:

What Type of Company Can a Foreigner Open in India?

Foreign investors can either go for a branch of an already existing company or open a private limited company. These are the requirements for opening a private limited company in India:

  • PVT Ltd. firm should have at least two directors. One of the directors should be an Indian resident, i.e. they should have lived in India continuously for the last 183 days of the registration.
  • Two shareholders are needed at the time of registration. The maximum number of shareholders in India is 200.
  • An Indian Private Limited Company requires a registered address. It should be a physical address and not a PO Box Number.

What is Company Registration: Is 100% Foreign Ownership Allowed in India?

Many may ask what is Company Registration. You see, India is going through various economic reforms, and the increasing GDP reflects that. 100% foreign ownership was almost non-existent in India before the 2010s.

As of now, 100% FDI is available in most sectors that don’t have an equity cap. They include the construction share, insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing of medical devices, some field of aviation, selected sectors of finance and banking, railway infrastructure, industrial parks, etc. The list is increasing with the passing time, and it will be easier for you to do your own research. On the other hand, you can ask your business advisor regarding more information in your sector.

Do I Need to Be Physically Present in India to Open a Company?

Good news for you- you don’t necessarily need to be present in India to register a company. Actually, most of the business people that open a company in India do it from outside the country with the help of a CSR to set up a company. This is necessary because the registration process and complexities will be time-consuming and very confusing for investors.