How to protect your companies files and data using a VPN

The VPN masks the IP address and redirects it to another server to protect your identity and personal data. Your data is encrypted by algorithms and is inaccessible to any other person. When you use a VPN, your data cannot be intercepted by hackers. It is therefore an excellent tool to protect your internet connection, wherever you are. If you are new to using a VPN, this article will help you learn what it is and how to use it.

The vast majority of people today use a VPN to download torrents or to bypass geo-restrictions of an online player or site. They remain very effective in protecting your transfers at work, but this is no longer the primary function of this technology at all.

Nord VPN:NordVPN is very complete and it obviously brings together everything we need in this kind of service. Nord VPN does not stop there, however, and offers us options that can be very useful for users such as mobile VPN (for your smartphone), the possibility of connecting up to 6 devices simultaneously or the possibility of having ‘a fixed IP address. I recommend this VPN for people who want a mobile VPN for their laptops.

  • When you browse the internet through a VPN connection, your computer sends the request to the VPN server which in turn sends it to the web server of the requested site. The VPN routes your requests one way and the web server’s responses the other way while using the secure connection. If you use an American VPN to go to Netflix, the Netflix site will locate you in America (and some movies / series are released early there).

Using the Windows built-in VPN

In case of the companies connecting to a VPN is pretty straightforward. On Windows, a program integrated into the operating system allows this manipulation to be carried out in an instant. All you have to do is click on your start menu (windows button at the bottom left), type VPN and click on “Edit virtual private networks (VPN)” and then “Add a VPN connection”. If you are on Windows 8, you will need to click on “settings” after performing the search. The use of the VPN service comes perfect there.

  • Then use the information you received from your VPN provider in the software to set it up. Your VPN will then be available in the WiFi connection area at the bottom right of your screen – the same area you use to connect / disconnect from a WiFi network.

If you’ve never heard of VPNs before today and want a basic VPN for browsing public WiFi with peace of mind or checking blocked sites in your area, there are a few good options for you like NordVPN very much because they have good connection speed and a lot more features than others, like a client suitable for almost any device. In addition, their VPN is very easy for a beginner to use and it is even possible to order a router with a VPN pre-installed on it at home.