What Is Google Trend In SEO?

Google, your best pal is always there and assists you in most of your work. It is a messiah for billions of people. They find all the solutions in it. Suppose you opened your Google to search something and you get lists of other searched items. You are a bit confused about why they are visible? Okay, let’s know more about it.

What are Google trends?

Google trends have been with us since the 11th of May, 2016. It came into existence to assist users in what terms are most searched on Google. In simpler words, we can say that if you are curious to know what is trending nowadays, then Google trends will answer your curiosity. As it is a free tool that gives you the data of the most popular searches of Google.

Let’s understand it with examples:

In 2020 most common searched terms and topics:

  • Election results: Last year elections were held in many corners of the world. So it was on the top of the search list.
  • Covid19- Coronavirus has hampered the daily life of all the individuals and new terms related to it were a little bit challenging and it is the most searched world, like symptoms of covid 19, what is coronavirus?
  • Mental health: Pandemic has hampered lives and its effects were seen on the mental health of the people.
  • Zoom: As the pandemic made people do work from home and the meetings scheduled on the video conferencing applications. Zoom was the most used application for video conferencing in informal institutions.
  • Quarantine: The majority of people were in quarantine and it was a new term for most of the people as they were eager to know what exactly is quarantine and how to be in it.

These were the terms that reached the peak in 2020, this showed that what is the major topic most people are taking interest in, doesn’t matter if it is a good term or a negative term. What matters is the most viewed topics.

How is Google trends effective in SEO?

Let’s dive into the effectiveness of google trends in SEO!

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is the way to improve site visibility. When people search for the products or services, it helps to make your site on the top of the visible lists.This is not to be confused with local SEO services, which help you rank well using Google My Business listing and appear in Google maps for relevant keywords. This is especially helpful for retail stores such as restaurants and cafes. Google trends will be like twin brothers for SEO. It will assist it in many parts, let’s have a clear look at it.

  • Keyword research: You can do free keyword research in Google trends. It gives you the advantage of figuring out the data of the past few years which will let you gain more effective keywords.
  • Finding related keywords: Its ability to find related keywords is the most amazing feature which makes it special. This feature lets you know which term is the most popular and that will be beneficial for your website. Google trends show the keywords in the order of popularity and you can choose wisely.
  • Discover related topics: You can also unfold the terms that are related to your search. For instance, you searched black dresses and you will see the options of black shoes or the things you will pair with the black dress and so on. Google trends help your insight to grow wider.
  • Start big and then shrink: At first you need to search the big time keyword of your topic and then subcategorize it. For example, first, use the option of worldwide and then move to the time range, and then you can go for the types such as video, images, and all.
  • Context: It plays the lead role. When you enter a keyword it will show you the results related to past months. But what’s the harm in comparing it with the last decade? It will open your eyes and make your research better. Never forget to look at the context. It will be more useful if you search it by specific location.
  • Trend predictions: Do you know every single marketer is doing the same research as yours? If you want to make yourself unique then try to predict the things from the available data. If you want to secure the first position try to be active and catch the nerves of seasonal trends of all times.
  • Look for the blindspots: Google trends will aid you in keeping a step ahead. Don’t keep yourself limited to a single snapshot. Keep unfolding the terms and search in a wider way.