What are the requirements for the Golden Visa?

Each group’s criteria are different, but they are all dependent on the recipients abiding by the rules laid forth when the Golden Visa was given.

The conditions for visas valid for ten years


Public funding, either in the form of a fund or a firm, must be at least AED 10 million. 60% of the entire investment must not be made in real estate, at least. Invested money or assets must not be loaned, or investors must acquire complete ownership of the assets. An investor must be able to hold onto his or her money for at least three years before withdrawing it.

In order to prolong this 10-year visa, each company partner must invest AED 10 million. One executive director and one advisor are permitted to accompany the visa holder on a long-term basis. It is possible that this visa will be extended in the future.

People who have particular abilities

Medical professionals, scientists, investors, and artists are all included in the specific talents section of the resumes. Accreditation by their relevant departments and disciplines may lead to a 10-year visa for these persons. Additionally, their spouses and children are entitled to the same visa status.


In “honour of their efforts and sacrifices,” the United Arab Emirates will provide long-term residency to doctors, the first line of defence. Between July 2021 and September 2022, any doctors accredited by UAE health regulatory organisations can apply for the  UAE Golden Visa on the website. At the very least, doctors and specialists in their respective fields must satisfy the following requirements:

A doctorate from one of the world’s best 500 institutions.

A Ph.D. and ten years of professional experience in the field of the candidate are required. This is a token of respect and admiration in the field in which the candidate works.

  • Contribution to a significant body of knowledge.
  • Published papers or books in prestigious journals or academic presses.
  • Membership in a professional organisation that is relevant to the subject matter.
  • a focus on issues that are important to the United Arab Emirates

There are seven Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship-affiliated visa application centres in the United Arab Emirates for doctors who want to apply for a visa in person.


To apply for the UAE Golden Visa, coders of any nationality or age can do so through either the UAE Government’s office for artificial intelligence (OAI) or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC).

The following individuals are eligible to apply:

  • Some of the best coding gurus and talents in the world.
  • They are the pioneers of global technical innovation.
  • Master’s degree holders in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science as well as computer science and hardware engineering.
  • Requirements for a five-year visa
  • Investors in the real estate market

An investor’s criteria are virtually the same for a five-year visa as they are for any other. All that differs is that AED 5 million is now the minimum amount of money needed.


In the United Arab Emirates, businessmen and women can apply for a five-year resident visa. Existing projects with AED 500,000 in cash or clearance from an established business incubator in the nation are required to be eligible. Entrepreneurs are given a six-month  UAE Golden Visa that can be renewed for another six months, allowing them to enter the country many times. The long-term visa covers the spouse and children, a business partner, and three high-ranking officials.

Students who have excelled in their studies

The United Arab Emirates offers a five-year resident visa to outstanding high school and university students. Students with a GPA of 3.75 or better upon graduation from high school and select colleges and institutions are included. Families of deserving students can apply for a long-term visa as well.

The “Golden Visa” for businesspeople

Those who want to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates can also apply for a five-year resident visa under the  UAE Golden Visa programme. To apply, simply go to the aforementioned electronic portal and complete the processes outlined above.