Anorak: What It Is And How To Wear This Coat Type

The Anorak such as the mens anorak has been present in some windows, probably due to the latent influence of streetwear that adopted the piece some time ago. Note: some people call it a coat, others a jacket, I’ll treat it as a coat, but this nomenclature is not that important.

What Is Anorak

Before anything, we will explain what an anorak is because I’m sure many people have never even heard of such a piece of clothing or even know it, but not by the correct name. Unlike the parka (or parka, in Portuguese), the Anorak does not have a front opening and closure by zipper and buttons; its shape is more like a kangaroo type sweatshirt (or a pullover), maybe that’s why it is wrongly spelled as “kangaroo parka” in some stores.

The Coat Is Known As A Cagoule

This lightweight waterproof jacket is made of unlined nylon, it also has a hood, but it is not made to face extreme cold; its purpose is to act as a raincoat. It is a very simple and practical item.

the current version

A cape/jacket/coat/pullover with a hood and a large front pocket closed by a flap at the junction of the Anorak and the cagoule. There may be an elastic or cord on the cuffs and hem to keep the garment closed and prevent wind from entering.

We Can Identify Two Versions Of Anorak:

The first one (above) is closer to the parka, made of fabric-lined twill or another type of heavy, warm fabric, with a hood with fur on the inside or some other material serving as a lining. This item was designed for a more rigorous cold.

How To Use Anorak In The Male Look

The thin nylon version is casual and sporty, best paired with fitted jeans or jogger pants. Sneakers are almost mandatory on the feet, but boots can match, especially if they look like shoes to face bad weather. The version for very cold days can be made of twill, waxed cotton, or even some types of wool. With a more rustic look, it overlaps basic t-shirts and combines them with jeans or chinos. As for shoes, we can choose between essential sneakers, boots, or very casual shoes.

In the case of anoraks, the important thing is to recognize the piece as a highly casual element and align the rest of the look with it, remembering that very little of the shirt will be exposed, so it is not something so fundamental.