Tranxition – The Most Intelligent, Best-Designed, Reliable, and Quickest PC Migration Solution


When it comes to PC migration, Windows installation, or upgrade, everyone desires the process to be super-fast, convenient, and efficient enough to capture all the user critical settings and documents. But PC migration often comes with many challenges. The top ones are the slow process of migration that takes hours to complete and the inefficient tools available for performing the migration. Tranxition knows all the challenges that individuals, small businesses, and enterprises experience when it comes to PC migration and Windows upgrade. That’s the reason that Tranxition has come up with the most-intelligent, best-designed, and quickestmigration tool known as Tranxition Migration Manager (TMM). Around the world, the enterprises acknowledge the speed, depth, reliability, and configurability of the Tranxition Migration Manager. Till now, TMM has been used to carry out millions of migrations for technology vendors, research labs, manufacturers, financial firms, government agencies, and many more.

Features of Tranxition Migration Manager

Tranxition Migration Manager provides problem-free migration. Its coding comprises overone million lines and well-tested. Following are the top-notch features that TMM provides:

  • It is super-fast compared to the other migration tools. In just 29 minutes, a 10GB user persona can be fully-migrated. 
  • It provides in-depth user personas capturing with three times higher efficiency than free tools.
  • It migrates settings among different versions of the application and also migrates settings among the same version on different systems.
  • It automatically sets settings to a new environment with real-time sensing.
  • It is simple to configure and no client installation is required.
  • It provides AES-256 encryption at rest and in motion.
  • It enables to organize storage with its file capture rules and redirection commands.
  • It provides a full user interface, zero-touch automation, and remote execution.

Use Scenarios of Tranxition Migration Manager

Tranxition Migration Manager is designed to handle any kind of migration-related task. Following are some of the common use scenarios of TMM:

  • IT directed migration
  • User-initiated migration
  • Domain changes
  • Settings and files backup
  • Merges and acquisitions
  • Document storage redirection
  • PC refresh
  • Systems and network management

Applications of Tranxition Migration Manager

Tranxition Migration Manager is an ideal migration solution that has a diverse range of migration applications. It serves enterprises, small and medium businesses, and IT services firms in a number of ways, as follow:

  • Enterprises: It is a common fact that enterprises often want to upgrade their systems or do PCs migration for other purposes. For all such scenarios, TMM provides automated fast migrations with in-depth settings support. It can easily be integrated into the enterprise management system. The automation aspect of TMMenables less IT staff to handle the migrations.
  • Small & Medium Businesses:TMM comes as a low-cost migration solution for SMEs, as it captures user’s documents and important settings during Windows installations/upgrades and then automatically adjusts the settings into the new environment. It deploys new machines conveniently and provides a faster return to productivity.
  • IT Services Firm: For IT services firms, sometimes it is important that they offer user personas transfer services. TMM facilitates IT services firms by providing cost-effective, high-quality migration services that ensure competitive advantage and improve profitability.