What Are The Key Areas Of Focus While Writing Travel Stories?

Good travel stories have one thing in common: they whisk you off to the place they talk about. To hone this skill, there are some key areas to focus on while writing about travel so that you can showcase the place with all the depth it deserves.

Draw them in with a unique story – It is essential to have a good hook to keep your audience interested. A short and catchy story that you’ve experienced or heard about in your travel is usually a good place to start.

Describe the journey – The journey is one of the most practical parts of travel. It is important to let people know where you boarded, which modes of transport you used to get to your destination, the people you met along the way and the comfort of the entire journey.

The place you stayed in – The hotel or inn you stay in is your home for the duration of your travel. People take your word for the staying options available if they want to travel to the same place. Try to direct people to find a comfortable place to recharge.

The food – Eating food is a part and parcel of the travel experience. We can learn a lot about a region’s style of living, norms, culture, and traditions through their local recipes that are passed down from generations. Food unites people and tells more about their cultural identity, historical factors, and religious beliefs, which is why it is important to focus on the carefully crafted food of that area.

The local culture and language – Traveling is a learning process as it exposes us to people who have a different set of beliefs, morals, values, and perspective towards things in life. Actively appreciating the culture will also expose you to their languages, showcasing how diverse people are around the world.

Landmarks and tourist attractions – People love visiting places that have a special connection to the region. Landmarks have their own stories and many of them have stood the test of time. They are witnesses to events that have impacted and shaped the history of the region, so you’ll have to focus on them to get the full picture of the area.

Pictures – Speaking of full pictures, it is important to include photographs of your travel so that your readers will know what to expect when they travel to the place. 

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