The ultimate guide to cardboard boxes

Are you looking for some packaging options for your business’ product? Or looking to gain some extra knowledge about packaging? You may think that corrugated boxes are same in compared to cardboard boxes, which aren’t the same thing. The cardboard boxes are widely used as in chipboard boxes, utilized for lightweight products like board games, cereal, beverages packing, and pharmaceutical field. The corrugated boxes, on the other hand, are used in shipping cartons, retail packaging, and product displays. 

Learn the basics of cardboard boxes when looking for new packaging 

There are many factors that go into making of cardboard boxes; depending on the product, you may need the customised solutions as well. Whether you need a stronger box to provide extra safety or a lighter board to cut down shipping costs, there is a style of box, which is ideal for every product. 

Different types of cardboard designs to choose from 

Here’s is an ultimate guide of everything you should be aware about cardboard boxes and which type suits you the best. 

Solid bleach sulphate carton box

The white bleached product line of chemically bleached pulp origin is made from virgin fiber board. It comes with either synthetic or mineral pigments on the upper part on layer. Used mainly for food packaging, it comprises of roll equality and excellent consistency. It can be recycled and hence many firms use this material as the part of their sustainable development program. 

Recycled coated cardboard bo

Also known as clay coated news back, this is made from hundred percent recycled fibers. It is mainly used as foldable packaging like pasta boxes. The surface is covered with clay intended for quality printing. 

Non-bleached products carton box

Composed of unbleached sulphate material, this carton is known for its strength and durability. It has excellent weight ratio, offering benefits to brand owners. The excellent ink resistance and smooth surface enables high quality printing that many retailers prefer. 

Foldable carton boxes

Comes in a range of durable and lightweight foldable boxes, this suits almost all requirements. The superior smooth texture and clarity suits enhanced printing techniques. 

Micro-flute carton box

This thin corrugated micro-flute cardboard consists of non-corrugated outer sheet and corrugated flute sheet and is mainly use in production of containers. 

It is vital to understand the options available for packaging, so that you don’t opt for wrong style for your goods. Contact emballage personnalisé Netpak to make it easier for you to determine what suits best for your needs.