The White Hat SEO Techniques That We Use Most

Cheap SEO services [jasa seo murah which is the term in Indonesia] strategies evolve as Google evolves. Establishing an effective strategy now may mean that it is not in a few years, but if we think as they think of Google, we can know what strategies work and will always work

Quality Content

 Content creation is an art and, above all, an art that is measured by quality, not quantity. How many times have we heard a client tell us: with a text of 300-400 words is enough, right? Well, neither yes nor no. But in most cases, it is usually not.

That in the face of the user, you have to tell him what he wants without rambling, but we must offer an explanatory and in-depth content that clarifies your doubts but without filling it with useless straw to reach an X amount of words.

In addition, it is not recommended to fall into an over-optimization of keywords, but you also have to give Google spiders the clues and signs of what our website is about. Therefore, we must create quality content, user-oriented, and optimized for Google. 

Solid Link Building

Getting natural and quality links is a complicated task if you don’t want to check out. That is why sometimes, it is very easy to fall for spam to avoid paying for useful links. 

Fortunately, Google is increasingly smart and understands when links are not natural. If you want to bet on your project, use a professional and quality link building strategy. Plan, study the competition, create useful content to be linked, and if you have to pay, pay or collaborate with bloggers. Each link must have meaning and importance; each link must be justified. 

Before deciding on a link to your website, look at what type of traffic it has, what it talks about, and who links it. It’s a lot of work; we know that. But believe us; your project is worth it.