Python career opportunities: what options you have in 2021?

Numerous blogs and forums that are run by developers have confirmed python the best languages to learn. It has maintained its position throughout the years. A professional who is proficient in Python will have many job options. It is why Python is such a popular high-level programming language. What are your options after you have completed your Python Training in Pune from Victorrious Digiital?

Some of the job positions you could fill

Python developer –

This job is the most straightforward that you can get after mastering this skill. There will always be open positions for Python developers. Some of the key responsibilities for a python developer are – create websites, data analytics problems can be solved, codes that are both efficient and reusable, optimize data algorithms, data protection and security.

Data analyst –

This job is very exciting. This job is ideal for people who enjoy working with large amounts of data and looking for meaning in it. Many companies are seeking people who are able to work with large amounts of data. Because Pandas and other Python libraries are very useful in this task, multinationals are seeking Python-skilled people. There is no doubt that more companies are searching for data analysts who have experience in Python.

Product manager –

Product managers play a vital role in helping businesses understand the market. They research the market and recommend the creation of products with facts. They are also responsible for data management. Today, most companies are searching for product managers who are proficient in Python.

Machine learning engineer –

We are happy to inform you that job postings for this role have increased by over 330% in the past two years. You will be preferred over other applicants if you have a strong knowledge of python. Machine learning engineers build and train machines and programs to use their knowledge to make predictions. Python’s ability with data automation and algorithm makes it an ideal programming language for machine learning.

There is no territory for you

Not only are businesses looking to hire Python experts in India, but all over the globe. They need people who can think outside the box and come up with solutions that meet the client’s needs. It is easy to see why Python classes in Pune are so popular. The competitive advantage it has gained over other programming languages over the years speaks volumes about its abilities. Three areas where python’s application is expected to increase in the future are data science, big data and networking. However, you cannot limit it to these three areas. These areas are most popular in today’s world.


The salaries can be higher compared to those jobs that require proficiency with other languages. You can still earn the money you deserve, even if you are a freelancer. Python skill is not a common one, so you should invest more time learning it. Learning Python can help in career development in several ways. Python is an easy-to-learn programming language. There are many job opportunities in Python. Data Scientists, Machine Learning professionals and others prefer Python as a programming language.