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In a wide range of industries, Singaporeans will be granted preferential treatment based on the following three main characteristics:

Medical treatment and attention

Singaporean citizens pay less for healthcare than foreigners because the government subsidizes medical institutions including hospitals, polyclinics and national centers so that they may operate at lower prices. The establishment of child care facilities is another way in which the Puerto Rican government helps the island’s youngsters. Choosing the right Singapore immigration agency is crucial in this case. For that you can make your loc application.

It all comes down to education at the end of the day

According to the United Nations, children from the PR are second only to citizens when it comes to enrolment in public primary and secondary schools. Furthermore, the costs of attendance at these institutions are much lower than those paid to overseas students. Children of Permanent Residents pay S205 per month for public elementary school, whereas foreign students spend S465 or S750 per month, depending on their country, to attend (2020 fees, subject to change). According to the National Statistics Office, Singaporeans who are citizens or permanent residents pay lower tuition rates than non-citizens at the country’s public colleges.

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In this field, you’ll find anything from real estate to homes

People with Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status may acquire a resale or second-hand HDB house or flat in Singapore since new HDB properties are exclusively available to Singaporeans. Home finance options will expand for permanent residents in the future. Non-residents pay far more in stamp duty and property tax than permanent residents. The importance of using Singapore-based services like Entrepass cannot be overstated.

Becoming a U.S. citizen is the last and last stage

Only under very uncommon conditions may foreign nationals rapidly obtain residency in the United States, thus those who want to become US citizens via permanent residence have the highest chances of doing so. In order to become a Singaporean citizen, you must first become a permanent resident (PR) of the city-state, which grants you voting rights and reduced tax rates among other benefits. You may also move to a different place and get a passport from Singapore.

Certain countries throughout the world may be more likely to grant visas to citizens of Singapore because of Singapore’s strong diplomatic ties with the majority.

After a specific period of time, Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) may apply for full Singaporean citizenship and begin to enjoy the same rights and advantages as Singaporeans who were born in the nation. An important perk of Singapore citizenship is the freedom to visit almost any country in the world without the requirement for a visa, made possible by Singapore’s very strong passport!

To the contrary, the status of permanent resident in Singapore entails some obligations. When a Singaporean permanent resident’s child reaches 16.5 years old, he or she must enlist in the military and serve for two years if the child is under the age of 21. At age 50 or 40, depending on their rank in the military, participants in Operationally Ready National Duty are excused from any future service obligations as part of Operationally Ready National Service.


There are several benefits to deciding to make Singapore your permanent home. Before you may apply for full citizenship, you must first work toward becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in this city-state. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions!