Online trading has a lot of appealing features and benefits that will surely entice you to start trading over the internet. However, that’s just one side of the coin. There are also certain disadvantages you need to pay attention to.

Risks of Overtrading

Online trading is practically just pressing a button; then you to see if your strategy worked or not. Truly, this provides much convenience to traders. However, it’s just so easy to trade too much and too often, which isn’t good.

Trading too much and too often primarily places you in a position where you are too susceptible to committing investing mistakes. The more often you trade, the more you are potentially going to make mistakes.

Real excellent investment decisions require time and contemplation. But it’s just too easy to get swayed by the fast-moving market. Before you know what’s happening, losses have already hit you like a truck.

No Personal Relationship with the Broker

Online traders are practically on their own when they make trades. They don’t have a real personal broker to help them tread the waters of the sometimes dizzying stock market.

Online traders have to create their own trading strategy. He or she should be capable to understand how the results of feedback mechanisms affect the market. Overall, online traders should have their own back. Of course, for some, this is quite a fearful undertaking.


Trading stocks can feel like gambling for some people. The trader usually speculates on the outcomes of something, say, the company’s earnings reports. Then, he wagers his money, confident—or not—that his speculation is correct.

While it may sound too metaphorical to be true, online traders usually experience s certain high when trading, according to a research about excessive trading.

Dependent on the Internet

When it comes down to cases, online trading and the profits you may get from it are always at the mercy of your internet connection. If the internet connection is too slow or is interrupted, you can lose out on a potentially important or profitable trade.

Investors should have a backup plan in the event that the lights and connection go out. Seek the advice of your chosen online trading firm for alternatives to internet trading. for instance, some online trading firms provide touch-tone phone ordering systems, while others provide the service of live brokers to take orders.

Computer Errors and System Glitches

Computer errors, system glitches, and other related mistakes do happen in online trading. And most of the time, these errors and glitches lead to losses you won’t easily get back

For instance, you initiate a trade only to see that it hasn’t been completed, so you do it again. However, you figure out that there has been a system error that made it appear like your trade wasn’t finished, though it was actually completed. This means you just whipped out an unnecessary trade and therefore wasted money

Always check the integrity of the system or platform that your chosen online broker offers. It is a good idea to check out some critical reviews about the broker and see if you need to worry about such glitches.