Hard Work & Efforts Helps Nan Inc Owner To Become Millionaire:

Mysterious things related to Nan Inc Owner

Nan Inc is a major general contractor based in the area located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It has the power and expertise to do the most complex projects in Hawaii. Today, the CEO and owner of Nan Inc, Patrick Nan Shin, won a lawsuit filed by the company’s former attorney, Bosko Petricevic.

In this company more than 650 employees are worked. Its branches are located in United states and other parts of country. His turnover is $177.92 per year.

Bosko Petricevic was allegedly fired by Nan Inc owner. After warning the company not to engage in any “billions of dollars in illegal activities” related to the transportation project. In 2019, he went on to sue his former employer, Nan Inc, in a district court alleging that the local construction company had committed many illegal, not all, rail-related practices. On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, a judge ruled in favor of Nan Inc owner Patrick Shin. 

About the owner of Nan Inc

When he left, it was intended to contribute to the bright future of Hawaii and to serve the people. That was the motto of Nan Inc. Patrick Shin started with one employee, but his company now has more than 500 employees. Over the years, Nan Inc owner has helped revitalize historic sites and modernize them, build new buildings and facilities and create a series of Hawaii infrastructure development projects. Although his company has been instrumental in shaping the future of Hawaii, Patrick Shin has served the community in many different ways.

They have helped more than a dozen cases over the past few years. Construction Company Nan Inc. has been a beacon of hope for that in need, from donating millions to local hospitals and community-based organizations around the world to building a local school in the Philippines. 

Patrick is a very humble man, and building one of the largest real estate management companies on the island of Hawaii is not an easy task. Nan Inc is still considered a small company. Having said that, they have delivered more than 2,600 successful projects in the areas of general contracting, pre-construction, and design construction. They have had amazing results in their construction business. Due to their outstanding performance, Nan Inc owner ranks 2nd on the list of the top 25 Hawaiian contracts in the Construction Industry magazine.