Different Types Of Vehicle Advertising: Car Lettering Vs Car Wrapping

New age marketing has changed the ways in which one can advertise their content. We have moved far ahead from the traditional means like newspaper ads, flyers, posters on billboards, etc. Now we can engage with a targeted audience online, send targeted ads to people and make meaningful conversations. However, if you are looking for something more viable and feasible than these then advertising on moving vehicles, especially cars, might be of interest to you.

There are various advantages of advertising on vehicles. You get a varied audience viewing the ad at different places – wherever the vehicle goes, your brand goes. You have the maximum potential to reach a large number of people in a short time. Also, you can localize these vehicle ads by using vehicles that move in a particular location of interest. 

There are different ways of advertising on a vehicle, the most common ones are:

1) Car lettering (Vehicle lettering)

This is similar to placing a sticker on the vehicle; only the advert is made of dye cut vinyl that is placed over the car paint and functions similarly like a sticker. You can spot this on company vehicles. You can place the advertisements at specific places on the moving vehicle that will gain the most engagement. It is a cost-friendly option as compared to car wrapping.

2) Car wrapping (Vehicle wrapping)

In these types of advertisements, you create customized vinyl covers for cars or vehicles on which you plan to advertise. These are the costliest forms of advertising as the vinyl adverts to be made are different for different vehicles and hence need to be made specifically. However, such vehicles gain instant attention given their unique appearance and hence they are also a good way of advertising that is if you have the budget.

However, there are other options for advertising too. Like the use of printed graphics to place the company logo on various products and thereby branding them. Some examples would be ‘see through’ that are made on vinyl with tiny perforations so that you can advertise on them without completely blocking the space. 

You can also consider having large-sized car magnets for vehicles that service both personal and professional purposes. You can place the magnet when you need it. 

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