Handy tips to keep in mind while designing a store

 1. The number of products displayed should be fitting

In the case of décor, ensure that it’s not excessive or extraneous. The owner running the shebang has to be extremely cautious about how customers view shopping as a whole experience. In terms of products displayed, the thumb rule is less is more. It may not help to increase sales but it goes a long way in customer satisfaction. Also, in high-end luxury brands, one may often notice that a few bags/clothes take up a very large space, carrying a sense of exclusivity and denoting a limited edition.

  1. Update the display

To keep up the momentum, its best to keep changing a few parts of the store every so often. It could be the layout or the clothes on the mannequin. If you can manage to squeeze in something new and fresh, it will hold the interest of regular customers. New merchandise has to be up on display or customers will simply take your store for granted.Online stores like Displetech offer a variety of store shelves and accessories. Familiarity breeds contempt so keep updating!

  1. Attitude of customers

While setting up a new store, it is important to step into the shoes of a customer and view it from their perspective. Store window displays should be able to tell a story. You want the customer to feel compelled to walk into your store, be it for sheer curiosity even.

  1. Decompression zone

If you’re wondering what that means, it’s a popular name given for the first 12-15 feet of space at the entrance of the store. This is the place where customers start initializing their first impression of the store and as such, it shouldn’t scream, “Sell!” On the contrary, you want your customers to feel comfortable and find their bearings.

Give them a chance to become acquainted with the brand.

As the saying goes, “The first impression is the best impression”.

  1. Appealing to the senses

Setting the stage that exudes certain energy like calmness or vivaciousness is a key element in exhibition. Upbeat music caters to a young demographic while soothing music is more suitable for adults.

Smell: In the case of eateries like a bakery, you can draw customers in solely through smell. Even if it’s a garment store, an alluring fragrance just might do the trick!

Touch: Keep a sample out on display for customers to try it on. If its an electronics store, it pays to encourage customers to test it out. In the case of restaurants or bistros, hand out free samples to enhance shoppers’ experience.