Done With Selecting The Brand Name? Check out How to Select The Premium Domain Names

Choosing a domain name is as tough as selecting the brand name. It requires extensive research, consideration, thoughts, and processing. Once you have selected your company’s name, the next thing that comes to your mind is the domain name.

A domain name is something like this –

www.mycompany.zxy, in the link on the left, the words after the first dot (after www.) consist of a domain name. So the domain name is – mycompany.zxy

So finding this type of domain name for your company is a task that sounds easy, but isn’t.

To make it easy for you, below are a few steps to follow sincerely.

Make it easy to type and don’t forget to add keywords

Your domain name should not be an English test for your clients. It should be easy to type. Your clients don’t need to memorize your company name because of its complexity. Along with being easily typeable, there should be a strong keyword included in it. For inserting a keyword in the domain name, you can always take a word of advice from an SEO expert.

Brandable Over Generic

While choosing your dream domain name, choose a brandable name and not generic. If you don’t know what generic is, the following is an easy definition.

A brandable domain name is something that makes you look out of the box and unique. Without forcing too many keywords in it, it’s efficiently descriptive.

On the other hand, a generic name is overstuffed with keyword depicting your nature of service, making the name boring and driving away customers.

Keep It Concise

Every premium domain name is a concise name. A concise name is something that gives a lot of information in very few words. That’s what you need for your domain name – concision. Express more with as few words as possible.

Use an appropriate domain name extension

In most cases, we would recommend using the most popular extension – .com. But in some cases, it’s recommended that you look for different extensions also. You don’t need to choose .com

Whatever extension you choose, just remembered it should go well with the www.mycompany. part.

Easy to Pronounce

Another aspect of a good domain name is that it should be easy to pronounce. An easy to pronounce name gives you much more exposure in the market. That’s because your clients find it easy to remember and recommend it to their friends. This increases your reach to the outside world, and an easy to pronounce names gives you an extra push in that.

Think Long-Term

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. This means that your business will grow in some time. And you don’t want yourself to box your growth with a domain name.

Don’t choose a name that limits you to only a certain service or area. Because when your business expands and you add more services in your catalog and go to different locations, your name might pin down your growth.

All this can cause you costly SEO, rebranding and much more. So avoid boxing your growth.

Check Availability on Social Media Sites and Trademarks

After selecting the best company name and a premium domain name, it’s time for checking the name’s availability on social media sites and the USPTO’s website.

If your company name and domain name are both available for you to make a social media handle and a web address, then you are good to go with your online journey.

Also, avoid taking a name that’s trademarked and deserted, because it can attract heavy fines and lawsuits. So take up a fully unique name.

Final thoughts on how to choose domain name

Summarizing the whole process of getting a domain name in a few steps:

  • Make sure your domain name is easy to type.
  • Don’t stuff your domain name with too many keywords.
  • Avoid generic names.
  • Use short and concise names.
  • Get domain name extensions that compliment your domain.
  • Make them easy to remember and say.
  • Don’t box your growth with service or location centered words.
  • Select a name that is vacant for making social media handles and web address.

All all, naming is not an easy process at all, but you can always make it easy with the right online tools, right knowledge, and precision. With a little advice from some experts, you can always work wonders for your company and grow your revenues by manifolds.

So start early, and register your company name and domain name today to grab the best deals at low prices.