Finer Options for the Use of the Value Networking for the Riches

Getting rich is possible, the American dream is still alive and well, at least according to Forbes 2019. In fact, among the 25 richest people in the world, 14 are from the USA. The most important piece of advice to get rich is to start a tech company: Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Oracle make up 40% of the top ten. 20% are owners of oil companies, 10% work in fashion, another 10% in finance, 10% in telecommunications and the remaining 10% are a conglomerate, i.e. a company that buys shares in other successful companies.

What is the New Option

But there is bad news for the Scrooge all over the world: according to Forbes, in one year the number of billionaires fell from 1826 to 1810 and their net worth fell by 570 billion. But wait and feel sorry for them, because the amount of their wealth is still estimated at 6.48 billion dollars. With this amount, it could pay 140 billion hours of work, a year’s salary for 18 million teachers, buy 41 million new cars, a million luxury homes, pay off the $ 1.2 billion student debt. Americans have contracted and there is still enough money left to buy Apple.

People who gave answers like “50,000 euros a month” and “Pay off all my loans” have a specific number in mind. They have a certain income and feel that once they reach a higher income they would improve their situation.  The use of the ValueNetworkandCollaboration comes useful.

Only then will they feel “RICH”

This type of belief system is built when one looks at money as a tool for acquiring things in life. You know you need a certain amount of money to buy a house, go on vacation, buy a car and meet your daily expenses, and you aim for a number that you need to reach to buy those things. This is a very common definition of “being rich” and most people see it that way.

Comparison with others

There are people who feel rich not in an absolute sense, but compared to others in society. So answers like “Make money like Cristiano Ronaldo” and “Have all the money my boss has” tell us that that person mainly wants to have more than someone else. Being rich is not about his requirements or desires, but how he feels about comparing himself to others.

We think this is quite dangerous, because there will always be someone richer and happier than us and even if you have enough money in life, you can feel miserable always looking at others. 

Money is not needed

There are also some answers such as “Money cannot buy wealth”, “Being alone with my son, we feel rich with him” and also “Being with my mother and father, nothing else”.