Benefits of Optoelectronic Detectors

During the production process, active intervention, optoelectronic detectors offer optimal protection for machinery and plant. Thus, people can get wide ranges of optoelectronic detectors, including the safety laser scanner PASENscan and the light barriers PASENopt. With the guideline from EN/IEC 61496-1, users can get the body, hand, or finger protection from the light curtains PASENopt, with regards to the requirements. Whether it is for advanced functionalities like cascading, blanking, or muting, or space-critical applications, operators can get suitable light curtains for their requirements. They will also get a suitable machine for two-dimensional space monitoring with the safety laser scanner PASENscan.

Benefits and Features of Optoelectronic Detectors

Some of the benefits people can get from optoelectronic detectors include:

  • Approved and compliant under EN/IEC 61496-1, EN/IEC 61 508
  • A compact dimension that offers space-saving
  • Barrier-free safety
  • Simple maintenance and operation
  • Quick to integrate into your plant
  • Ergonomic workflows that help with increased productivity

Optoelectronic Detectors Applications

Optoelectronic detectors use safety laser scanners to provide danger zone optimum safeguarding. People can get the optimum solution for their application through safety laser scanners PASENscan, whether they need mobile or stationary access monitoring or danger zones safeguarding. The laser safety scanners have an opening angle of 275 degrees to enable two-dimensional space monitoring. It is also easy to adapt and configure warning fields and protected fields to structural conditions. Thus, people can integrate PASENscan into several applications.

Applications’ and Industries’ Light Barrier

Business owners can economically, efficiently, and safely protect their capital goods and staff using PASENopt. The danger zones have enough protection from the infrared light barrier of an invisible, protected field. The safe shutdown command will trigger automatically when a light beam is broken. There could be a wide range of possibilities with cascading, blanking, and muting for optimum incorporation of our plant’s light barrier. With that, several applications and industries can benefit from them.

Second Generation Safety Light Curtains PSENopt II

This category is the robust safety light curtain. Since PSENopt II is the safety light curtains second generation, it offers production process safe access and offers body, hand, and hand protection, depending on the requirement. They designed the first Type 3 safety light curtains specifically for applications up to PL d of EN/IEC 61496-1. Applications up to PL e of EN/IEC 61496-1/2 can also use Type 4 light curtains.

PSENopt II detectors can protect against vibration, collision, and shock since these units are so robust. Rugged industrial settings can also benefit from these units. Users can use the LEDs to evaluate the system defects and the important causes responsible for the machine’s stop. People get the safety light curtains in 150 to 1800 mm. Operators will also have a complete, safe, and one-stop solution when combining it with the configurable control system PNOZmulti 2. Compatible accessories include mirror columns and installation assistance.

Light Curtains Protection

Engineers can provide their light curtain from collisions with optimum protection from destruction with the protective column of post protectors PSENopt II. They can also use these post protectors for a light curtain installation with free standing. They can use the post protectors with the PSENopt II adaptable base component for simple uneven surface installation.