Why Does Your Church Need Online Giving?

According to Church MAG on an average people give 2.4 percent of their income to the church and 30-50 percent of church members are non-contributing. This report might come to you as a shocker, but it is a harsh reality. 

Another main reason for the decline in church giving is due to the low attendance in church. Lesser the people attend the church, less will be their contribution, and this will also decline the number of services in the church. 

But is that all. Just because people are not coming to the churches, that doesn’t mean they are not wanting to contribute. Only if they had a remote option to help in the good works of the church by monetarily contributing things would not loo that gloomy. So, how many churches have started to accept online offerings. Only 42%. When compared to the non-profit organizations working worldwide that percentage looks even smaller. 

What Is Online Giving?

If you are still confused about the concept of Church online giving is, here is the simple version of it. It is a way in which many non-profit organizations raise their fund via the internet, online fundraising can be done by using many platforms. Let us look at some of the way’s churches offer online giving today.

Types of Online Giving in Churches

Here are the five main ways churches set up tithing online:

  • Website Giving Forms
  • Giving Kiosk
  • Text-To-Give
  • Mobile Giving Apps

Reasons Your Church Needs To Prioritize Online Giving

Since the concept of online giving is very new to churches and not many are positive towards the idea of it. Here are a few reasons that make it a powerful tool for raising fund in modern times:

People Don’t Carry Much Cash On Them Anymore

In modern times, people are accustomed to new technology and many don’t feel a need to carry cash with them. Offering basket is a primary way that is used by churches to collect the offering and people are going to give less if they are carrying less cash in their pocket.

Online Giving Is Much Faster

Online is the fastest and easiest way people can offer money, compare to a passing plate. 

Money Handling Is A Hassle

Since online offering directly transfers money into the church account, it will be a hassle-free process to keep account of it. 

People Can Give Online At Any Time

The online giving platform allows the members to give any time, they are not bound by the Sunday’s anymore.