What to Know About Paper Packaging Solution

Perhaps you need to package goods for transportation or storage, and you are confused about the type of packaging to use. You should consider paper packaging solutions such as roll cradles. The use of paper packaging is growing, and you should be in the know of the details. 

What is Paper Packaging?

You may have bought groceries or fruits that came in strong cardboard packs, or you might have purchased items such as electronics and furniture that came delivered in fiber packaging. Paper packaging is made from natural fiber sourced from plants, such as softwood, sisal, corn, etc., and recycled molded paper pulp. Paper packaging is a sustainable solution that gives the advantage of several recycles and less impact on the environment.

What are the Types of Paper Packaging?

Paper packaging manufacturers create several types of paper packaging designs to meet various specifications of goods to be transported. Some of them are:

  • Roll Cradles: These are typically used to protect products during transportation. The cradles grip the edges of the goods firmly and hold them in place, providing cushioning against bumps and absorbing moisture. Several cradle designs exist in the paper packaging market, including cradles for windows, corners, rolls, frames, cabinets, and countertops. They are strong and can hold items, such as steel cylinders, large wooden crates, and industrial-grade equipment for transportation.
  • Corrugated boxes: Corrugated boxes reinforced to hold heavy items such as casks of wine, machine parts, and large food packs.
  • Paper bags and sacks: They are used mostly for carrying groceries and lightweight items that can be held in the arms comfortably.

Benefits of Paper packaging Solution

The following are the benefits that you can enjoy if you switch to using paper packaging.

Lower packaging costs: You don’t have to spend so much on transporting goods safely anymore. Paper packages are cheaper to recycle and make, and using them significantly lowers your overall costs. If you have a business, that’s even better for keeping its overhead costs low.

Protection of goods: Contrary to their appearance, paper packaging is unusually strong and can withstand force and temperature that are above usual storage limits.

Easy integration with automation: Paper packaging can easily integrate with automated sorting and packaging processes in a factory. For example, automated machines set roll cradles faster than humans can, helping businesses to become more efficient.

Paper packaging solutions offer many benefits to you and the environment, and you should consider taking that bold step to adopt them.