What are your Rights and Responsibilities as a Pedestrian in Portland?

Portland is one of the beautiful cities of Oregon, with numerous parks, bridges, and markets. So it is obvious you might opt for long walks on the roads. But it is also true that amidst the traffic, you might meet an accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies try not to give the appropriate compensation for your injury if you are not aware of your responsibilities as a pedestrian. However, you may contact a pedestrian injury lawyer in Portland to make the process of seeking compensation easier. So in this blog, you will read about the rights and responsibilities of a pedestrian.

Your Right- Right of way

You have the right to cross any road only if you show your intent of crossing the road by extending your body parts, bicycle, crutch, or wheelchair. Moreover, it would be best to give the vehicle riders enough time to stop.

Your responsibilities

  • Green Signal: It would be best to cross the road only on green signals. 
  • Wait-walk Signals: If the signal is to ‘wait or don’t walk,’ you don’t have the right of way. The situation becomes complex when you have entered the crosswalk and then the signal changes to ‘wait.’ In such a situation, it’s your responsibility to move to an elevated part such as a footpath or any other point of safety. Then, you can move when you have the right to cross the road again.
  • No right of way besides marked crosswalk: If you are crossing the road beside the crosswalk, you don’t have the right of way, and you must yield to the vehicles coming your way.

Tips to stay safe

Bright clothing or flashlight: Wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight while walking at night so that passing vehicle riders can identify your presence on the road.

No earphones: People tend to wear earphones while walking, due to which they fail to hear the horns of vehicles and even ignore the traffic signals. Please do not wear earphones when you walk. 

Make eye contact: You should maintain eye contact with the driver while crossing the road so that you are on the same page and there is no confusion while crossing the road.

Be alert:Remain alert while walking on the road, especially in the intersections or while crossing the road.


As a pedestrian, you have the right of way but do not misuse your rights and execute your responsibilities. Being aware of your rights and responsibilities makes it easy for you to claim compensation.