The Interesting History of Domaine Fourrier you must know

The history of Domaine Fourrier is marked by the talent, commitment, and bravery of two great men: Georges Rémi Fourrier and Jean-Marie Fourrier. At the intersection of their lives, I can summarise in three words our philosophy at work: innovation, constancy, and excellence.” Gérard Fourrier. Domaine Fourrier remains one of the most respected estates in Gevrey-Chambertin. In 1920 Eugene Fourrier’s Grandfather – Eugene Chevillard purchased the property and established the Domaine. Chevillard was one of the smartest, most shrewd people in Burgundy and a renowned horseman. His skill on the back of a horse was put to good use as every week he raced into Beaune to buy and sell wines throughout Burgundy.

Online wine auctions produce wines that straddle the line between traditional and modern styles. Founded in 1930, the Domaine was originally run by a tall, slender man named Eugene Fourrier. Not much is known about Mr Fourrier other than that he died in 1976 and that his son Jean-Marie inherited the winery 3 years later. It is at this time that Jean-Marie took over full responsibility for running the winery and began to add his signature stamp to what had already been established before him.

The name Fourrier originates from  Foriers”, the old word for carriers. Jean-Marie’s great grandfather was a carrier. The history of Domaine Fourrier goes back to the 16th century when they can trace a vineyard owner in their family tree. The Domaine was created by Claude Fourrier in 1926. Claude had been farming his grapes but selling them to until he decided to bottle his wines himself (mainly Bourgognes Blancs). His son Jean-Paul had an even more entrepreneurial spirit and expanded the Domain to include red wine production and began purchasing specific vineyards such as Les Petits Vougeots and Cuvée les St. Georges (both Grand Crus) to be able to bottle these amazing wines as a Domain and not merely sell them as grapes to In 1991 Jean-Pau ́l sold some of his parcels because he wanted smaller parcels that were easier to manage but mainly.

After all, he wanted a better quality domain. His son, Jean-Marie, who started working at the Domaine during his studies at Beaune ́ school, continued his father’s quest for quality and expansion

Domaine Fourrier, a family-owned Burgundy estate located in Chambolle Musigny, was founded in 1961 by Ghislaine Fourrier. After the death of her father in 1990, Ghislaine decided to dedicate herself fully to winemaking. In 2005, her son Jean-Marie Fourrier took over the Domaine, and today oversees its biodynamic vineyard management and wine production with his wife Caroline.

Domaine Fourrier is driven by a quest to restore Gevrey-Chambertin to its rightful place in Burgundian history. The estate owns just 4.5 hectares of vines but is among the very foremost producers in the Côte d’Or. Jérôme Fourrier joined his family’s domain in 1995 and introduced biodynamic practises in ’99. In addition to the holdings in Gevrey, Fourrier owns parcels scattered throughout the Côte de Nuits. Domaine Fourrier is situated in the heart of Chambolle-Musigny, on the upper part of the hillside. The vineyards are spread over several parcels – mostly facing east and southeast; just a short distance from the historic village centre are Les Amoureuses, charmes, and Beaux-Bruns. Philippe’s father Jean-Marie leased six hectares in 1976 and managed them for about 25 years before turning them over to Philippe and Alix.

The family’s ties with Burgundy date back to the late 18th century. The Domaine was created in the early 80s from the marriage of Gilles Fourrier and Anne Debit. They separated the domains (Domaine Valentin and Domaine Anne) at their divorce in 1988. The Domaine did not return until 2001, with the arrival of Marie Skłodowska-Curie and her husband Nicolas Faure. Huguette Fourrier and her husband Maurice took over the Domaine in 1955, with a determination to modernise the vineyards. Huguette was a strong woman and built up the Domaine riesling by riesling. She was a member of the Women’s Committee for Meursault, Puligny, and Chassagne Montrachet. During her time at the Domaine, she worked with two generations of Bachelet’s as vignerons.