The Benefits and Drawbacks of Leasing Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment financing can be helpful for start-ups in their path toward growth and expansion. Business equipment leasing helps cut costs and stay updated with the latest trends.

Of course, leasing equipment has pros and cons, and you should consider them before signing a contract. We’ve compiled a simple list of the good and bad in equipment leasing for you to check out as a guide.

The Benefits of Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Gain Quick Access to Equipment with a Small Capital

For start-ups and temporary kitchens, purchasing new equipment is expensive and poses a potential risk. Often, businesses resort to loans and credits to secure new equipment so they can make an income soon. To cut expenses, leasing restaurant equipment is an excellent choice.

No Need to Worry about Repairs

Besides the initial costs of investing in new equipment, repairs and maintenance might punch a hole in your pocket. Leasing equipment from a reputable company will keep the price of repairs away since you can ask for a replacement should one of the appliances malfunctions.

Chance of Receiving Upgrades

In this modern age, technological upgrades and trends change spontaneously. When you lease your kitchen equipment, you can bring existing equipment up to date so your restaurant can catch up with competitors.

The Drawbacks of Leasing Restaurant Equipment

Leasing may not Always be Available

Restaurant leasing companies can provide you with the equipment you need. But sometimes, they may not have the one appliance you need, so you still purchase new ones.

There is no Trade of Equity

You don’t get the money you spend in leasing back once the contract ends. When you purchase equipment, you can sell it after use to gain some returns. If you want to receive a part of the money you invested in leased equipment, look for contracts that allow you to purchase the items.

May Come with Required Minimal Amount

While it is cheaper to lease equipment than to purchase them, a leasing company might require you to have a minimum amount ready. Often the stated cost may be beyond your financial capabilities. Look for companies that have smaller minimums to ensure you can continue leasing.

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