The 3 Reasons to Apply for Singapore Permanent Residence

Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) is a highly sought-after status in the country, as it allows individuals to live and work in Singapore indefinitely. There are many benefits to becoming a PR, including access to public healthcare, the ability to sponsor family members to come to Singapore, and the option to eventually apply for Singapore citizenship. If you are considering applying for PR in Singapore, here are three reasons why it may be a good idea:

Improved job prospects: As a PR, you will have more job opportunities available to you compared to those who are on a work visa. This is because many employers prefer to hire PRs as they are more stable and committed to staying in Singapore long-term. Additionally, PRs are not subject to quotas or work pass restrictions, which means that they can work in any industry and at any level.

Access to public services: PRs are entitled to the same benefits as Singapore citizens, including access to public healthcare and education. This can be especially valuable for those with children, as the cost of private education in Singapore can be high. PRs are also able to enroll in the Central Provident Fund (CPF), a mandatory savings plan that provides for retirement, healthcare, and housing needs.

Path to citizenship: Becoming a PR is the first step towards eventually applying for Singapore citizenship. After holding PR status for a minimum of two years, individuals can apply for citizenship if they meet the eligibility criteria. This includes having a good record of employment, being of good character, and having a good command of the English language.

If you are considering applying for PR in Singapore, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an immigration consultant. One such company is 3E Accounting Pte Ltd, a Singapore Immigration Service Centre that has helped many individuals and families successfully navigate the PR application process. 3E Accounting has a team of experienced immigration consultants who can provide advice on the eligibility requirements and the documents needed to submit a successful PR application.

Applying for Singapore PR application has many benefits including improved job prospects, access to public services, and the opportunity to eventually apply for citizenship. If you are considering applying for PR in Singapore, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a reputable immigration consultant like 3E Accounting Pte Ltd to ensure a smooth and successful application process.