Steps to Start Wholesale Pearl Jewelry Selling Successfully

Wholesale can be lucrative but you need to apply it correctly. Obviously, you have doubts about plunging in selling directly to sellers or why sell your handcrafted pearl jewelry like akoya pearls at low bulk prices. So, let’s learn how positively wholesale strategy will impact your creative business.

Positive effects of wholesale selling?

  • Generate large orders
  • Gain wide exposure
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Consistent paychecks
  • Sale is easy
  • Business flourishes
  • Smooth cashflow

These points are really very convincing for going wholesale with your pearl jewelry business. Look at their site on how to start wholesale selling to receive more income.

Precise pricing

Store owners will expect your items to be priced 50% less than regular retail price you have set. They also need to make profit, so to make them doing business with you evaluate your product cost. Consider purchasing raw materials in bulk and streamline your processes. You must take steps to sell wholesale affordable with a profit margin.

Set wholesale policies

Stores always ask what your minimum opening order is. Set dollar amount on the basis of how many items taken to display on their shelves. For example, you can say minimum opening order is for $225 or a dozen pieces of earrings. Even you will need to consider minimum reorder. This has to be lower than the opening order. In the above example you can set it as $175.

Have wholesale policies created on how to handle exchanges, damaged items and refunds. What about shipping and delivery?

Good and clear photographs are a must

Use white as background to take clear pictures of your pearls without any distractions. Photos are crucial, while creating product linesheet or catalogue.

Creating linesheet & order form

The catalogue will display all your jewelry product line along with IDs and wholesale prices. Keep the linesheet simple and plain. Even have an order form created, so that the store owners can fill in and email or fax it.

Product packaging

The jewelry design and quality is crucial but you cannot ignore its packaging. Packaging may not be necessary for individual items but packaging you will use to sell to retail customers will be different than the one you will send to stores.

Look for right jewelry stores

Determine in which kind of jewelry store your pearls will sell well. Use Google to make a list and then you can email your pitch.