SFC Containers Offers Portable Structures For Sale To Finish Projects

Shipping container manufacturers can transport, build, and store items suitable for shipment and handle stock. Shipping containers are virtually interchangeable with international trade containers with intermodal freight containers, known as sea cans. Sea cans allow goods to be transported from one place to another without requiring unloading and reloading.

These portable buildings for sale are the largest of national containers with personalised that can back up on your products delivered to be quick and safe. Nevertheless, this portable container is suitable for your budget and can transport tools, pallets, liquids, furniture, and much more.

How can a portable building be used?

You can make your upcoming project a success by using a portable and demountable building available in these choices of 20- and 40-foot with transferable designs.

  • Site Offices

Working in a small office that takes up 10 feet of space helps you manage your projects more efficiently. These products are ideal for superior Rockwool insulation for peace and comfort site offices with features of:

Hard-wired smoke detector with battery backup

Steel PA doors with lockbox

Windows with flyscreen and security mesh

  • Lunch Rooms

Lunch rooms are an area where employees can unwind and take their meals. Lunch rooms sets for simple or complexion to a kitchen needs, such as microwave or any appliances that can cook foods the features:

A kitchen made of stainless steel

Internal lighting can use small energy.

Dual system for reverse cycle air conditioning and Rockwool insulation.

  • Crib Rooms

Crib rooms are like lunch rooms built to make employees feel safe on the worksite and the features;

Rockwool insulation

Hot & cold water

Stainless steel kitchen

Energy efficient for an internal lighting

  • Ablution Blocks

Portable ablution blocks are the most essentials structure that suits your needs, such as:

Wash Basins

Hot & cold water

Windows opened to improve the airflow

Hard-wearing floor

Security Mesh

Plumbing Provisions

  • First Aid Room

A portable medical building with suitable facilities to treat injuries and provide medical attention is essential for PPE sites in safety procedures will be followed.

  • Change Rooms

Change rooms and allow your dirty clothes to do some new clothing.  Change rooms are 20 feet long and provide a safe environment for your teams, also a place to store their belongings.

  • Accommodation Units

Accommodation units are built for keeping your employees on-site if they need a room away from home. Each unit is suitable for an individual bedroom, with a desk, chair, wardrobe, and air conditioning to provide comfort for your employees after a hard day’s work.

4 Bedrooms & individual windows

Rockwool insulation and system reverse cycle air conditioning

Energy efficient both internal and external lighting

  • Hoarding of Platform 10kPa

A 10kPa hoarding is a platform for space-constrained sites. The platform gives pedestrians on walkways and every one protection. They also protect from the weather for your team and site visitors, including from the sun’s damaging rays and winter’s frequent torrential downpours.

What kinds of shipping containers are there?

In Australia, portable buildings for sale are available for hire or sale. The portable buildings are sustainable for construction sites and provide cost-effective options can both short-term and long-term storage. Therefore, these shipping containers come in many variations and designs to fit a specific type of cargo.

  • Shipping Containers
  • Site Sheds
  • Dangerous Goods Containers
  • Tank Containers
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Intermodal Containers
  • Rapid Deployment Accommodation
  • Tank Services and Maintenance
  • Container Modifications