Review of ASEA

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Origins of ASEA

In the early 2000s, fortune-500 entrepreneur Verdis Norton heard about a cellular technology company that had made a pretty great discovery: how to recreate redox signaling molecules outside the human body. Unfortunately, the company was suffering from financial issues and went bankrupt. 


Norton, recognizing the potential of their research, assembled a group of investors and bought the rights to the redox technology. Norton then hired a team of researchers, medical professionals, and engineers. They spent years scientifically testing and perfecting redox technology, and in 2009 ASEA released their one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking product: ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement.  

Redox Explained

Every single part of the human body is made of cells, from hair to skin to organs to blood. In fact, there are about thirty-trillion cells in the average human body. Cells are the building blocks of life, and cells communicate with genes to stay healthy.


But what if something goes wrong? What if a cell gets old and dies and doesn’t replace itself? What if a cell mutates or gets damaged? What if a distressed cell loses its ability to communicate with the genes? 

That is why redox signaling is so important. When a cell is sick or damaged or needs to be replaced, it sends out a signal in the form of a redox molecule, sort of like a smoke signal calling for help. These signaling molecules are native to the body and vital to life.


Healthy redox signaling means healthy cells. But age, stress, environment, and toxins make it harder for healthy redox signaling (imagine a cell getting rusty—rusty cells simply don’t work as well). If cells are unable to communicate when they need to be fixed or replaced, health starts to deteriorate and fine lines develop on the skin.


Redox signaling molecules are important because when functioning properly they help maintain:

  1. The immune system

  2. Hormone balance

  3. Digestive function

  4. Cardiovascular health

  5. Healthy inflammatory response

ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement

ASEA’s first product, the one that started it all, is ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement, also called ASEA water. Classified in the USA as a dietary supplement, it is the only product in the world certified by BioAgilytix, a third-party lab, to contain redox signaling molecules in a safe, stable, human-consumable form. ASEA REDOX helps cells communicate with genes and each other, ensuring cellular health, renewal, and revitalization. It supports the making of new, healthy cells. Four ounces of ASEA water a day supplements the human body with the redox signaling molecules that are essential to life.


ASEA reviews all its products. ASEA does not believe in animal testing. All their products are kosher and produced in an NSF-FDA-certified facility owned by the ASEA company to ensure optimum quality.


With the success of their first product, ASEA decided to expand the redox-containing products they offer. They developed RENU 28, a gel that is rich in redox signaling molecules and can be applied directly to the skin. RENU 28  has been shown to:

  • Reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes

  • Improve wrinkles

  • Increase the skin’s smoothness and elasticity

  • Improve facial skin texture

  • Increase moisture in the skin


In addition to RENU 28, ASEA offers an entire skincare line. Their Intensive Redox Serum is an ultra-concentrated redox gel made especially for the face. The Gentle Refining Cleanser is specially formulated to work with redox products. The Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer gives deep, gentle hydration. ASEA reviews and tests all its skincare products to ensure safety and quality. 


Because long-term health is their goal, ASEA did the research to develop an additional supplement line.

  • ASEA VIA Source is a vitamin and mineral supplement made from whole foods.

  • ASEA VIA Biome contains three prebiotics and sixteen probiotic strains to nourish gut health and protect from invasive bacteria.

  • ASEA VIA LifeMax is rich in antioxidants and supports a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • ASEA VIA Omega is a brain and heart supplement.

Purchasing Options


From the beginning, ASEA has based its products on ethics and integrity, and that carries over to the people who sell ASEA. All of ASEA’s products are available through independent distributors.