Massage Business Market Research

Most of the masseurs I have met once told me that they would like to have more clients. This seems to be a common theme, and the answer is usually “generate more referrals and you will soon have the required number of clients.”

While referrals are a great source of new customers, you really shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. When it comes to marketing the massage business, the more you do, the better and faster your results will be.

There are two sides to every massage business; Quality marketing and massages. Both are essential to the survival of your business. You are already doing a quality massage, because if you weren’t there, you wouldn’t have regular customers! However, it is the marketing side that attracts you to customers in the first place; yes, word of mouth is marketing!

You want your massage marketing to stand out.

If you merge with a ton of business cards, brochures, and advertisements, you’ve basically wasted your money. What you need is something that will grab the attention of your potential customers and hold them until they read this and make an appointment for you.

The perfect marketing draws people in and stands out so much that they really start passing it on to their friends for you! This is what is called viral marketing.

The best marketing for the massage business is when you can use your marketing materials to actually solve a client’s problem.

To do this, you need to find out what problems your client’s face, like having a hard time scheduling time for a massage, and you’re marketing will help them solve this problem. They basically give you permission to send them your marketing materials so they no longer have this problem.

Your marketing needs to be measurable so you stop wasting money.

However, the most effective marketing method is called direct response marketing. Its marketing that directly addresses the wants, needs, and desires of your potential customers, giving them the excuse (and push) to call you and set up an appointment with an offer they can’t refuse. It also produces measurable results, so you stop spending your hard-earned money on things you don’t even know you’re getting, whether you’re getting customers or not.

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