Latvia Residency Program for a 5 Year Citizenship in the Country


Being the resident of Resident of a country makes the country your home, fortunate are who are born as residents of a nation, but the scenario for those exuded by war or other reason now are working their fingers to the bones to get a new home or get a new citizenship for their lives to become easier.

The Latvian Residency Program 

Latvia is a small Baltic country of the European Union and also has a Schengen zone membership, has started a residency program of minimum investment of 250,000 euros, this program offers an investment residency program. Under this program, one will have visa-free access to all the countries of the Schengen zone and also grants access to state education, and health care in Latvia, along with the right to live and work here, and one can enter or leave the country n number of times Latvia Residency.

Under this program no sooner did one gets the residence permit than the family of the person, spouse and underage children will receive the residence permits based on the procedure of family reunification.

This program gives a person 5 year temporary residence permit, that can be extended without any additional investment, with the sole requirement of having a registered address and spending 1 day in a year in the country.