Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter


Almost half of our day is spent on our smartphones today. Sometimes we may even wonder how we used to spend our free times in the past, because today we cannot keep our eyes away from our screens, especially during long commutes to work, school or anywhere else, or even while waiting at the doctor’s office, restaurants and during boring lectures and meetings. 

Many applications have been created to keep us glued to our screens, catering to different needs of different people. Some of us prefer to read ebooks and news applications, others just mindlessly scroll through their social media feeds. But there are many of us who prefer to spend our time playing games, to escape the hectic reality we all live in. Johnny Trigger Action Shooter is a gem among these games.

Features of Johnny Trigger Game

As the name suggests this is a game for action lovers and adrenaline junkies, but unlike many other action games out there, this game is quite simple to play, attracting the youngest of the youngest and the oldest of the oldest. Not only is it simple to play, but it’s also very clean, and devoid of gore and excessive violence, thereby keeping it a safe gaming option for younger generations. 

The premise of the game is simple. Johnny Cash is a secret agent on a mission to wipe out all the bad guys including the mafia and other organized crime, and save innocent people being held prisoner by the criminals. 

Once you tap on the screen, he starts moving and there is no stopping him. At the beginning of the game, he will have a limited number of bullets, and when his line of shooting reaches a criminal, you must shoot or get a face full of bullets, and start all over again. Even if the bullets are all used up, Johnny will be shot dead, and has to start from the beginning of that level.

There are thousands of levels to go through, and the difficulty rises with every level accomplished. When you play further criminals and hostages will be interspersed in Johnny’s path, and you have to make sure Johnny doesn’t hurt the innocent hostages, otherwise you are back to square one. 

As Johnny cruises through the levels with his cool sunglasses and stylish tuxedos, he has the opportunity to diversify his weapons, and even his attire by collecting different gemstones to make his purchases at the shop. You can also collect keys that can help Johnny unlock various secret luxury hideaways, so that he can rest in peace between missions.

This action-packed game although simple is packed with top tier graphics, and an awesome background music to keep you motivated during missions. Not only will this game help you get your daily dose of adrenaline, but it will also help you polish your skills of accuracy and precision.

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Download Johnny Trigger Apk

This is a free Android Game that you will love. First download and install latest version of AC Market. It is the largest Android app store, that allows you to install latest version of Johnny Trigger. It is like using play store install applications. Since play store does not allow your device to install this game, you can try using AC Market app. You can play this game on Windows or PC. Windows 11 support Android apps natively, so you can directly download and install AC Market windows app. For other devices has to has Android Emulating software.