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Having massive significance worldwide, containers hold a crucial part in delivering goods from the loaded ships and accentuated trucks. Although different containers have different sizes, to be stacked on top of each other uniformly, specific dimensions are agreed upon, around the world, set by ISO. Containers are sold by various companies in the USbecause of their vast usage in different sectors. Just like other companies, Interport deals with containers but what’s unique about them is the fact that it guarantees excellent quality in both new and second-hand containers in the Northeast. 

At Interport, containers can be personalized according to any purpose and usage, therefore, it has a 12,000 square foot moderation space. Some of these moderations include paints, lighting, windows, doors, air conditioning and heating, and shelving. At Interport, the team can assure good and friendly treatment to the customers. The team, being highly experienced and qualified, includes maintenance, IT, sales, supply chain management, leasing, shipping, and marketing. 

Containers Manufacturing Solutions

The containers are classified by sizes and types and stored accordingly. The sizes may vary from 10 ft., 20 ft., 40ft., to high cube sized. The types include a standard, refrigerated, open-top, double-door, flat rack, and insulated containers. The containers are manufactured in a way that they are temperature-proof and long-lasting. The steel composition makes it feasible for access and the required needs. These containers are widely used in different industries due to its top-quality shipping container results. To summarize, Interport provides the following industry-based container solutions:


This area of expertise seekcontainers with excellent quality and condition, prepared to hold out against any obstacle. The containers manufactured by Interport are firm, weatherproof, and water-resistant. The company ensures absolute protection of important goods like machinery equipment, therefore, the exteriors of the containers are constructed with steel which is impervious to corrosion. The containers can also be personalized for other uses, apart from storage purposes, like offices.


The education sector can utilize these containers for educational purposes. These containers can be customized into a School Box, which can be used for storage purposes. They can also be personalized into art rooms or classrooms, etc.

Administration, Military, and District

These sectors can make use of these containers according to their separate needs. The containers are built with complete safety, quality, and accuracy. They can be used for different purposes like security rooms, power alternatives, or simply restrooms, etc.


The assemblers require a unique types of containers to store different items, for example, raw materials, manufactured products, processing items, etc. Conex boxes are available at Interport’s inventory, just how the manufacturers would prefer. Such containers are built in a way that they are invulnerable, handy, weatherproof, and waterproof. Interport can also customize the containers according to the specific needs like locker rooms, gatehouses, etc.


Interport has an upper hand on its competitors because of different factors. The company has a huge inventory, stocked with new, used, and old containers in the Northeast. Its alteration facility is based near the New Jersey and New York port. Option to personalize containers is also available at Interport. These excellent quality containers are pocket-friendly through which the distributors are at an advantage.


It is usually assumed that the development of a storage facilities takes too much time and is highly expensive. However, things at Interport are different. The facility found at Interport is fast and pocket-friendly. Through the well-experienced and highly qualified team of Interport, the storage process becomes efficient and effective. The customers are provided with personalized storage units so that their storage is as ideal as it could be.

Conveyance and Usefulness

The transport sectors are highly dependent on these containers for the supply of goods from one destination to another and require strong, outstanding quality, and standard dimensions of these containers. Interport provides containers that can be personalized as a restroom, offices, cargo, etc. The heatproof containers are specialized for transportation and utilities.