How Online Safety and Security is Ensured by the US Government Cybersecurity?

The cybersecurity across the nations worldwide has gained priority in the context of growing security breaches going beyond the businesses and individual victims to public service institutions such as health and education including financial institutions and other organizations. The US government cybersecurity from the beginning is vigilant about the numerous security breach incidents in the US as well as across the world and have created various measures to ensure cybersecurity and to address incidents of the security breach with appropriate legal and procedural steps. In addition to this, the US cybersecurity has also created various platforms to help the victims of security breaches such as IC3 or the internet crime complaint centre, FTC or the Federal Trade Commission, DOJ or the department of justice, and online platform such as EConsumer.gov.

In the case of a security breach, a victim can directly report about the incident to the above cybersecurity platforms. Once, such security breach report reaches to the IC3 or the internet crime complaint centre, they normally file an IC3 complaint and contact the victim back as well as the credit card company of the victim and warn them to be vigilant about any unauthorised financial claims. Besides this, the IC3 also immediately reports the incidents to other cybersecurity agencies such as local, state level and federal as well as international law enforcement agencies.

Similarly, when an incident of a security breach is reported or shared with the FTC or federal trade commission, though the FTC does not resolve individual complaints, but shares the complaints of the consumers with other local, state level, federal and international law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, the online platform of the US cybersecurity EConsumer.gov accepts individual complaints about the transactions of online shopping and international digital eCommerce transactions. Similarly, the DOJ or the Department of Justice also helps the victims in reporting about intellectual property crimes and internet crimes.

In addition to this, the US government cybersecurity has also various internet crime-related education programs for the public to know about them and take prevention not to fall victims of various hacking. These public awareness online programs teach about several types of internet scams, different types of security breaches by different types of attackers along with possible dos and don’ts for the citizens. The program also incorporates information regarding different types of techniques that are used by hackers along with different types of malware or malicious software which have caused serious problems in the past.