How Beneficial is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is known for excellent insulation and adhesive property. It is being used up to make composite material, paints, casting materials, molding materials, injection molding, and many other areas of the national economy.


It is being used up in large proportions to provide coating layers. It comes forward as an excellent chemical resistant and film adhesion. It even bears good heat resistance, electrical insulation, and color retention property. However, the bisphenol A epoxies are not considered suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, it is usually put in use for the anti-corrosion coatings, primer, and varnishing work. But the alicyclic and heterocyclic coatings can be effectively used for outdoor purposes.


A variety of metallic materials such as steel, aluminum, iron, copper, etc., non-metallic ones such as wood, glass, concrete, etc. as well as thermosetting plastics such as amino, phenol, unsaturated polyester possess an excellent adhesive property. Structural epoxies adhesive is known as one of the important ones.

Electrical And Electronic Material

Due to the high structural strength, high insulation performance as well as sealing advantage, epoxies resins are being widely put in use. Both for the high and low voltage electronic components, electrical appliances, and packaging of insulation, it has been widely applied. They are mainly used for the following purposes,

  1. It is used for the casting parts, electrical insulation package, and electrical appliances as a solenoid, contactor coils, dry type transformer, for the whole sealed parts. It has developed rapidly in the electrical industry from the vacuum casting and pressure casting to the automatic pressure gel.
  2. It is even used in the circuit encapsulation device and electronic components, which are now considered to be an indispensable and important insulating material for the electronic industry.
  3. These days even the epoxies molding compounds are used as semiconductors. The traditionally used metals, ceramics, and glass packaging are replaced by these epoxies because of its superior performance level.
  4. The epoxies made laminated plastics are widely used up in the electrical field. These laminates are considered as one of the important materials of the electronic industry.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of these resins, it is even used to make different crafts such as resins gifts, toys, jewelry, photo frames, and many more things. Moreover, one of the best things about these resin structures is that it can be appropriately treated to restore the performance level.