eOption review – Strategies And What They Offer For Trading

eOption is a trading platform providing more than 100 financial assets for trading including a wide selection of stocks, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. With more than 13 million registered accounts trading on the platform since the company was founded. This broker is trusted to trade and deserves to be used as a trusted broker to generate profits. Many things can be discussed about this one broker and making profits faster is one of them.

We will find out for sure how this one broker can be useful for filling your money with various stock brokers rating information that has been reviewed in full, Here’s an eOption review:

What Does eOption Offer?

eOption offers a bonus for the first deposit of 100%, and this is done to attract new traders as well as a form of support for those who are just starting their journey in the world of trading. The important thing to know about this bonus is the possibility to withdraw at any time even though you have received the bonus.

Then there is also social trading which is trading that allows you to trade with friends or view and follow trades globally. eOption markets itself as a leader for social trading networks. With a social trading platform, you can trade with friends and investors or watch them trade in real-time.

Part of social trading itself is trading that involves seasoned investors where people can follow the results of their trades and learn at the same time. The platform also supports clients to try to become trading leaders in their respective countries.

Forex Trading

As with trading Forex with other brokers, eOption Forex is the right choice for those of you who want to find a simple platform that can provide accurate prices for market prices in real-time. Trading Forex on this platform will also find various tools and indicators that can be used to improve prediction accuracy which will have a major effect on trading results.

Tools And Indicators

One of the skills that you must have in the trading world is the ability to read charts on a trading account and predict price movements. The eOption platform makes this easy by providing several technical analysis tools which can be easily found in the trading menu.

To achieve the above, eOption offers several charts and indicators that can be used for free on the platform.

  • Line graph. This is a single-line path that shows the price movement in real terms. This line graph moves from left to right with numbers that are always changing according to the market price.
  • Bar chart. This is a bar graph of transactions where each bar shows three different pieces of information. The first information is the asset price, the maximum and minimum price of the asset sold for the trading session, and finally the asset price at closing.
  • Candlestick chart. This graph displays the same graph as a bar graph but this one is easier to read. This chart consists of a bar chart with two candlesticks at each end.

eOption Strategy

If trading in binary options is only based on luck, then you should just choose to gamble. Binary options is an activity that requires calculation and many strategies can be used to achieve the goal. To maximize the use of strategies it’s a good idea to stick to a few instead of learning them all at once and forgetting.

Some strategies that can and should be used for novice traders include:

  • Candlestick trading strategies. This strategy utilizes a reversal signal when there is a larger reversal signal than before.
  • Three-method strategy. This signal appears when the trend stops temporarily on the chart. Usually, it will have a shape like a candlestick and a move like a candlestick chart.
  • Alligator strategy. The alligator is an interesting indicator that shows the initial movement of a trend in financial markets. This strategy believes that traders usually make more profits when the trend period is in progress.

eOption Demo Account

eOption offers demo accounts for clients to explore the platform and hone their skills before investing real money. The demo account is set up with 10,000 dollars of virtual money which is instantly credited to the account. As soon as you finish registering on the platform, you can immediately use the demo. A video entitled “how to trade” will give you a guide to using the platform.

The demo account is very very useful because all price movements are carried out according to the real market in the live account. This account gives you an accurate idea of ​​how to trade that suits you.

Many people feel safer because eOption does not ask for personal data when registering a demo account. With the minimal information requested during registration, there is no way for eOption to burden or force account owners to invest real money into the platform. In the end, the broker will not ask for your contact information.

Wrapping Up

eOption is the choice for those who want access to more than 100 trading instruments. The platform is very easy to use and provides more than just a source of trading knowledge. The social element contained in the body of eOption is very useful, especially for beginners and people who are happy to try their trading strategies. This platform stands out in terms of the cryptocurrency instruments it has to offer as most brokers only offer a limited selection.

Overall, we recommend eOption. They have an easy-to-use website and low nominal investments that are sure to appeal to traders. Those of you who are starting to believe or are still unsure about the capabilities of the eOption platform can use a demo account to find out more.