Do You Need a Realtor to Purchase a Pre-Construction Condo


The answer to the above question is YES. You will understand its importance when you will know that buying a preconstruction condo is a complicated process especially when you are buying it from the builder’s staff. One thing you are supposed to understand that the builder’s sales team is working for the builder. There are several pitfalls and disadvantages of buying new condos mississauga directly from the builder, which you are supposed to understand. They do not have any interest in protecting your rights or giving you the best deal. Even if they are showing you the worst location within the building, they will tell you as if it is the best place in the building.

Moreover, when you will buy a preconstruction condo with the help of your own real estate agent, you will not only get its advantages. You will also benefit from the specialized knowledge of how to make the transaction. Insufficient knowledge about technical details may lend you in legal and financial problems. That is why it is advised to declare and introduce your realtor to the building company before registering as a client.

Here are a few ways in which your realtor will help you.

VIP events

If you are in touch with your realtor, then he will give you the access to the VIP events. In this event, you will get the best prices and floors plans, which builder is putting on sale. Remember when they will make a public announcement for new condos mississauga, then you will get only limited choice and by that time above 50% of the units will be occupied

Your rights

You may or may not be aware about your rights as a client. An experienced realtor will help you understand the things you are supposed to consider before buying a preconstruction condo. He will help you get the best value for your money. He will also suggest you not to skip certain things, which will go in your favor.


Negotiation plays an important role in decreasing the cost of a preconstruction condo. Several things are negotiable and your realtor is well aware of it. His experience will help you navigate through the process of navigation to strike a better deal.

Understanding the building plans

If you are purchasing a preconstruction condo for the first time, then it is advised to take the help of an experienced realtor as he can read the building plans for you. He will check the plan and tell you about parking space, stairwells, elevators and other additional amenities like party room, gym and swimming pool.