Discover Your Options in Buying Silver Bullion

To sell silver, silver coins and bullion used safely, you do not need to have a long experience as a silversmith or jeweler: the important thing is to know some essential aspects, useful for evaluating the seriousness of the trader and his silver buyer. . For our part, we have touched on these aspects in the pages of the site, without however presenting the topic in a definitive way. With this article we will try to give a complete overview that can help anyone sell used silver and silver without surprises and with maximum profit. Here are our tips for a safe trade.

  1. CE-M approval for scales

The main measure is the balance. To verify the reliability of this instrument, check the green sticker that certifies the CE-M approval. This certification, issued by the Metric Office of the Chamber of Commerce, must be renewed periodically according to the legislation in force. The green stamp affixed to the weighing instrument must be highlighted with an expiration date after your visit.

  1. Latest generation video surveillance system

The Silver Buyer you go to doesn’t have to be an “empty box” with a simple counter and glass. In our stores, for example, there are no barriers, we sit down to have a coffee and discuss, in short, we try to create a family atmosphere. Furthermore, to guarantee a certain security, we have video surveillance systems connected with the competent police headquarters. You need the Best place to buy silver bullion there now.

  1. Regular silver and precious goods trading license

Another tip to keep in mind to sell used silver and silver in a safe way is to make sure that the silver buyer you are contacting has a regular license issued by the competent Police Headquarters and displayed in the room. This is a document that the competent Police Headquarters delivers to the commercial activity after the compliance checks.

  1. No minimum quantities or sales obligations

Reliability means above all honesty. No Buyer worthy of the name can impose minimum quantities of items on you, nor force you to sell them if you do not agree with the fixed price. We give you the best price based on the internationally established prices for the silver market. Be wary of those who promise too high prices!

  1. Receipt with the data of the sale

The definitive confirmation of the goodness of the merchant in front of you is called a receipt. This document, containing the data of the sale (weight, quantity, price and identification of the object), protects your sale and allows you to resolve any disputes that may arise at a later time.

And then always remember that the potential customer must be of age and must be identified with a valid identity document and tax code. Be wary of those Buyers who do not comply with these regulations.