Check Links How Many Types Of Signage Can Be Used For Promotion

Signage is an exciting form of marketing which the companies are adoresince the middle of the 20th century. There are many types of signage out of which architectural, commercial, types of digital print, large bulb opening structure etc.All these are used in forming the logo of a company or a business.

How architectural signage is used

Signature serves the way of promoting abrand. Basically brand logos are being put up to promote the business.  Whenever a new company emerges they set a new logo to attract new customers. The more unique the signage is, the morepeople get attracted to it.Also architectural signage is used for giving instructions to a complicated building. A colourful neon direction helps people in finding the right direction of the building. Check links to learn more.

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How commercial signage is used

Commercial signage can help a Company or business stand out in the industrial estate. If there are many companies of similar industry and it is a tough market to compete, then only a unique signage can save the day. People will get attracted on the first place to thatpretty signage. Signage in commercial sector is used only for promotion and marketing of the branding because for a start up company the branding is very important. Flat cut, build up or push through letters isused for neon signage so that it pops and illuminates. The bright colours of neon are very attractive to the eyes of people.

Large format and digital printing

Digital printing and large format printing are very efficient in projecting a brand’s logo, display of the product, business, sale. It is also works when the large printings are decorated with colours and patterns. These are the main features to attract people. Generally various companies put up their signage in large format to attract a greater crowd. A print can get very big. Generally the whole picture is separated into piecesto print and then it is joined together to create the whole piece.

Light bulb signs

Light bulb signs are being used to highlight a company’s name in large letters and it is highlighted with light bulbs. Not only does this looks good from a distance but it also visible from afar. On an acrylic or wooden base the letters are written upon which the light bulbs are being placed. So when the lights are illuminated, the letters get highlighted.From cabochons of different colours to vintage incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs Arvind used to highlight this type of signage.