Charles Jones – A Ideal Platform to get the Corporate and UCC Status Report, Franchise Tax Lien Report, and Other Related Services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

It is often a challenge to get the desired searches from public records. Similarly, finding a service provider that can facilitate in public records search is another big hurdle. As a data-trace company, Charles Jones is a one-stop place to request any kind of public record search in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, such as name searches, tax searches, flood and tideland searches, corporate searches, etc. The company took its start in 1911, and now with more than a century experience, Charles Jones is considered an advanced and leading regional public record firm that serves its customers like no one else. 

Corporate and UCC Services

Charles Jones providesthe following unique, state-of-the-art, and high-quality corporate and UCC services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania:

Corporation Status Report

Within 24 hours, Charles Jones provides a thorough status report of the requested corporation that includes information such as formation date, registered office, registered agent name, principal office address, and current status (active, revoked, or dissolved). This service is available online in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Corporate/Franchise Tax Lien Report

For all the local and foreign businesses running in New Jersey, it is mandatory for them to pay franchise taxes. If any business fails to pay franchise taxes, it causes a lien for ten years on all of the business property. Charles Jones facilitates its customers in finding out whether the concerned corporation has paid the franchise tax to the State of NJ. Once an order is placed by a customer, the request is sent to the State Tax Department. The response from the tax department comes in around 6-8 weeks period.

For the tax queries in Pennsylvania, Charles Jones provides a report that narrates the tax status of a corporation from the Division of Revenue. The report informs that whether there are any franchise taxes due or franchise tac liens filed.

Good Standing Certificate

For the corporations of New Jersey, Charles Jones provides a Good Standing Certificate that presents a conclusive proof from the State regarding the active status of the corporation and that all taxes and reports are of recent two years.The certificate can be in short or long-form.

For the corporations of Pennsylvania, Charles Jones provides a Legal Existence (Good Standing) Certificate that presents conclusive status information about any Pennsylvania listed business.

Corporate Copies

Charles Jones provides corporate State issued copies related to any kind of document filed with NJ Secretary of State and PL Secretary of the Commonwealth.


The UCC PLUS search service of Charles Jones provides an innovative dual index search that analyzes both proprietary database and UCC records of the State of New Jersey. This approach delivers more accurate results in lesser time, i.e., within 4 hours the copies are delivered so that the client can quickly carry out the business transaction. 

UCC Status Report

Charles Jones provides a UCC report that is issued against any requested name. This service is not just confined to Pennsylvania, but it is accessible for all the country States.

For New Jersey, Charles Jones provides a certified UCC report that is issued from the NJ Division of Revenue against the requested name. The process usually takes 24-48 hours to complete.