Best Tips of Generating a Catchy Business Name

When registering entrepreneurial activities, you must definitely give your brainchild a name. The main task of the name is to distinguish your company from others. Often a name can tell a lot. Imagine you are sending a commercial offer to a potential customer. The name of the organization will give a first impression of what you do, what is your status. The simplest example, will you go to a Japanese restaurant called “At Natalia” or “Yamaguchi”? Most likely, the second name will seem more Japanese to you.

And you need to choose a name even before the documents are submitted for registration, so as not to enter the first phrase that comes across later. The question of the name of the organization is too important, because it is a business card, the face of the enterprise, which largely determines the percentage of its success.

The Domain should be Catchy

Since the click rate plays a crucial role today, you have to weigh it up: Many users are reluctant to click on business websites with a long domain with hyphens today because they suspect that the page is of poor quality. A bad click rate can lead to poor rankings. The business name can play a crucial role in this. So if you choose a domain in a segment where the searcher doesn’t care whether the articles are cheap, then the bad click rate could lead to you not getting a green branch. Therefore: keyword domain always and happy, but avoid “sounding” like a cheap affiliate or shop site. 

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon when the name of the organization is not enough, which is what the clients say. In the worst cases, it gives an incorrect idea about the type of activity, status or other important properties for the initial stage.

Objectives of the organization name:

  • distinguish among similar;
  • emphasize the type of activity, or status, other properties important for promotion (albeit emotional, not rational);
  • identification of the organization with services, goods, level of service, etc .;
  • memorability among potential customers.

Highlight the main idea of ​​business

To begin, describe the essence of the organization, business and services. Describe as if it was a promotional message or presentation. Try to shorten the text, highlight the main idea of ​​the business. This process is similar to sifting ore in search of a few grains of gold. It is necessary to highlight the most important thing.

When the text is shortened to appeal from a short sentence, you can proceed to the choice of technology.

  • Borrowings from other languages. This does not mean at all that you are taking an incomprehensible but beautiful foreign word. For example, rest in English “relaxation”. Most likely, written in “Cyrillic” “relaxation” will say that the product or company specializes in recreation.
  • Symbolism.  Everything is very simple here. For example, the word “power” or “powerful” has symbols of predatory or large animals. Hence the corresponding names. A symbol of health is a golden apple. The list goes on. Symbols themselves can be searched for both from everyday life and from special character dictionaries. Again, remember that the symbol should be understandable (accessible) to potential customers.
  • Password to the heart. Everywhere and every individual has memories of the past. There are words that evoke pleasant memories. They are from childhood, youth, they are deep in the heart and, as a rule, their use leads the product, company, directly to the heart of the consumer. For example, we call conditionally butter “Amul”. The consumer will immediately have associations with that, real butter.
  • Onomatopoeia. There is plenty of room for imagination. You can come up with a word that would seem to us, for example, Chinese. And so-called restaurant of Chinese cuisine. And you can simply take a word familiar to everyone and remake it a little, so that when pronouncing it resembles that of a well-known word. 
  • Rhythm and poetry. An example with Coca-Cola, may not be a very good example of poetry, but definitely a good example of the rhythm of words. Tick-Tak, M&M, etc.
  • Humor and slang. A fun, playful word or a fashion word, naturally, for the target audience. Typically, such names are used to create an atmosphere of friendliness, openness, fun, entertainment. Often used by manufacturers of goods, shops, companies working in the field of family vacations, for youth, children or families.

Here the most interesting thing is inventing a company name. The fact is that finding the right word is not always possible you just need to know how to find it. Some of the words are disassembled, some are dissonant. You need to invent your own word, for this, methods for constructing words that can be found in the literature on naming are suitable or simply you can use the best Company Name Generator for it. Or try it yourself.