Best Items to Pawn to Get Fast Cash

When you search for pawnbrokers near me online, you are greeted with hundreds of pawnshops, right! But, of course, you are not searching for fun as you need fast cash. However, what are the best items to sell to a pawnbroker? Yes, you can sell anything, but there are more in-demand items to get your money’s worth. So knowing what you can expect when in a pinch could bring you a fast cash amount like $500. 

High-Demand Pawn Items 

The truth is while you can sell:

  • gaming consoles 
  • smartphones
  • electronics or bikes

There are items with a good resale value that pawnbrokers in Melbourne want to buy:

  • precious metals
  • watches
  • antiques
  • jewellery 

The best part is you can quickly negotiate if you feel the prices offered are too low. The fact is that pawnshops differ in offers depending on how popular the items are in the market and the condition counts. So, visit several pawnshops to get the best offer. 

The Best Items to Get Top Dollars 

As mentioned, there are in-demand items worth more than $200 to $300. Therefore, if you want more money, you need to provide them with an item with a resale value of 25% to 60%. So what are these valuable items? 

Sell Your Expensive Jewellery 

You can concentrate on selling those platinum, gold, and diamonds lying around. When visiting pawnshops, you will notice they buy a lot of jewellery pawnbrokers are familiar with the carat, cut, melt, and carat value. 

Hence, if you do not know the current price, we recommend first having it appraised by a jewellery store. Once you have had it evaluated and know the value, you can get top dollars for your gold jewellery. Pawnbrokers are attracted to your antique jewellery or any items of age. 

Thus, if you have old jewellery collectables, it is worth considering selling them to the pawnshop. Nevertheless, it needs to be in good condition with authentication to reach top dollar prices.  

Other Precious Metals 

Yes, pawning precious metals is easy as they get value over time. Items such as:

  • Gold is a luxury item and has an excellent selling value per ounce. 
  • Silver is similar to gold, but selling is not as high. 
  • Platinum is another expensive precious metal with a high selling value. 
  • Do you have palladium? It is rare, and you can get good value in return at a pawnbroker when you sell it. 

The Coin Collection Collecting Dust 

Yes, even collectable coins have value from a 1964 Kennedy half-dollar to a 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel. Whether you have a coin collection to gold or silver bullion, these items bring in fast cash when you need it the most. So, consider selling your gold bullion that has a high market value. 

Final Thoughts 

Therefore, if you need cash fast, do not miss out as pawnshops can help you exchange your goods for money. So get online and search for pawnbrokers near me to find a suitable pawnshop to sell your gold jewellery to high-brand watches.