Ball Bearing: Qualities You Need For High-Temperature Setting

Ball bearing is an important part of machinery. Many industries have machinery that not only has ball bearing within but also uses high temperature. It is necessary for the bearing to be suitable to such high-temperature setting. If the ball bearing fails to stand the temperature, it will get affected only to make your machinery fail to work properly. The usual bearings that are available can stand temperature up to 300 degree Fahrenheit. Temperature which is more than that, ultimately affects the bearings creating problem for the whole system. That is why you need to choose heat-treated ball-bearings in order to keep your systems working. 

Heat causes more wear and tear

When your machine needs to deal with more temperature with ball-bearings which are not heat-resistant, problems are bound to arise. The microstructure of the steel can actually change with heat and it reduces the estimated life of the bearing as well. The rotation of bearing also creates a hot environment which gets aggravated with more heat. Along with natural wear and tear, this extreme heat can cause additional wear and tear for the bearing. Heat-resistant bearings are manufactured in a way that these can easily cope with the temperature. These bearings can also endure the temperature without any harm to their expected life.


Warping issues happens when heat makes metal to expand. There is a clearance between the raceways and the balls. This clearance is necessary for proper action. But when the metal expands, the clearance changes which causes the bearing to tighten up. This will ultimately result in the bearing failing to work. To avoid this incident it is necessary to have bearings like high temperature ball bearing by SKF (แบ ริ่ ทน ความ ร้อน skf, term in Thai) which can stand extreme temperature.


Like every other parts of the bearing, the seals must also be able to survive extreme heat. Traditional rubber seals can stand a certain amount of temperature. The seal needs to be stabilized and made of proper material to fit in a high temperature ball-bearing. If the seal is not properly made, the oil can just migrate to other components of the machine. This is especially problematic if this oil falls on the new products. The only way to avoid such unexpected situation is to invest in ball-bearings which can stand high temperature.

Improper grease

Just like every part of a standard bearing the grease of the bearing is also suitable in an environment with 300 degree Fahrenheit temperature. All oil will be purged if it’s placed in an environment with more temperature. This grease saves the bearings from friction. When the oil is purged, the parts will be subjected to more friction which will ultimately lead to shorter life due to more friction. 

While choosing the bearing, make sure that you consider the effects of temperature. It is necessary to choose the correct bearing so that it can match your requirement. Some manufacturers offer different versions of the same product. Choose the suitable product depending on temperature and your requirement.